Web design and development is no magic act! Good user interface design helps people work efficiently and with confidence, while enhancing your customer experience.

HTML, CSS and Javascript

Every website implements HTML and and CSS, no surprise there. We use HTML to semantically layout the page with content and images. Then we use CSS to give the HTML directions on how they will look and where they appear on the page. Sounds simple, right? Well, your page could be that simple. Not usually, though. Now throw javascript into the mix and you have some powerful tools to build a meaningful user experience.

User Interface Specifications

By tapping into existing user-centered experiences and knowledge, Graphical User Interface design minimizes your clients’ learning curves. Implementing user-centric process, we can ensure the design vision is clearly documented.

User Needs Analysis

Making assumptions about your user needs without confirming them through professionally executed needs analysis is the shortest path to failure in user interface design. We explore the relationships between technology and user behavior and provide insights that are relevant to technology design and user satisfaction.

Interactive Design and Prototyping

The written word is important, but a good set of detailed drawings can really get the creative juices flowing. We create detailed screenshots of every unique screen and display the workflow for our clients. Producing a pretty picture isn’t always enough. After the screenshots are approved, we code the site in HTML and CSS with active buttons to test its usability and give our client the chance to test the product before we go into production. Developing this type of prototype often finds new solutions to difficult problems.