Lisa Montalvo

190 Hawthorne Lane Phoenixville, PA 19460
Phone: 610-715-0172
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  • Senior-level Strategic Creative Leader
  • Team Builder
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Personalization
  • B2B SaaS experience
  • UI/UX best practices
  • Information Architecture
  • User Research
  • Usability
  • Agile

Telluride, CO
felted landscape

I have to confess,

I have wasted countless hours playing ultimate and skiing. When I am not engaged in those sports or hiking, biking or generally outside, I love to create delightful experiences for the unsuspecting web and mobile users. I have worked on projects from web apps to e-commerce to straight up marketing sites. Nothing makes me happier than bringing to life intuitive, efficient and state of the art designs for web and mobile apps. I hope I can do this kind of work forever.

ultmate team

I love people and want to make things easy for them.

What does that even mean? I feel bad for people when a task they are working on is hard for them to complete. I try to find their roadblocks, which include visual distractions, poor information, poor process flow (if any) and I want to fix them. That’s not always easy. Sometimes, as a designer, I can’t deviate from the established UI, and I have to get creative to solve particular problems.

Beach Weeknd at Sunset in LBI

Wildwood Beach Ultimate

I love team sports.

Did I mentioned, I played a lot of ultimate frisbee? I’ve been involved at a local level, organizing leagues, tournaments, parties and the occasional charity event. Playing and working with such a diverse group, you learn to get along with everyone and to motivate people to work for free, generally. I have been lucky! I have had the best crewmates a girl could ever ask for. Playing sports gave me the skills to work with developers, business managers, product owners and C-Level folks (you’d be surprise how may ultimate players are prima donas).