Corporate website design and development.

Jerry thought he hired me to build his website with a single template he bought for $1000. After interviewing Jerry and his team, I found their needs were much greater than just building a new Website. Jerry wanted a whole new business model. With careful analysis, architecture and design, I delivered a web enterprise the team would use to manage their day to day work.

  • Information architecture
  • Web design
  • WordPress templating
  • Email templating
  • Website development
  • SEO

Molloy Associates/Zander Media are chameleon of sorts. Jerry started out as a recruiter of executives before the dot com age, then morphed into a publishing house and finally made a stand in the internet. Each business has brought him success, but each business forced him to change with the times.

Jerry had a pretty successful business, but he yearned to make it easier, more flexible and profitable to run. After some thought, Jerry decided to change all his processes in the hope that the final result would be easier to manage, bring his business more visibility and ultimately more advertisers. After all, the advertising on his site pays the bills and then some.

Jerry’s team knew how to get stories, generate a robust mailing list and attract advertisers. He hired me to streamline his processes, starting with the Website. Using a WordPress platform, I reengineered how stories were submitted, add classifieds, add to the directory, track readership and generate emails. I studied how the editors worked then provided solutions that made their jobs easier. The solutions were user tested and modified until I achieved perfection.

I leveraged the WordPress engine to produce the designs I created for an all new website and emails. I also improved the WordPress Dashboard so the users can add content easily and allow the new page templates to publish the pages.



Jerry’s team delivers more than 5000 emails a day to a list of committed readers. I was able to leverage the content already posted to the website to build the emails on the fly. I developed a WordPress template that takes the days posts, condenses them, inserts the advertisers and inserts Exact Targets codes. The template writes all the html needed for the email. Jerry’s staff takes the new email post and mails it with Exact Targets mailing services. Looks easy to the staff, but took a bit of work to engineer this new email delivery system.