Financial Institution

Corporate website design and development.

I’ve been working primarily on responsive design efforts, facilitating designs for pages with lots of data. Data presentation on a small device can be challenging, but I design effective and functional solutions for large data sets in medium and small formats. Other projects include presenting solutions for new client services.

  • Information architecture
  • Web design
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile design
  • Rapid prototyping


App Designs for Iphone and Android

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App Designs for Ipads

Responsive Design for small mobile devices include Iphone and droids

Responsive Tables


Making a table responsive doesn’t mean compressing the table so that all the information wraps. At the end of the day, the user has to be able to view and understand the data he is reading. My user centered approach to responsive tables depends on the content of the table and how the table is used to display data. Some tables are small enough to compress, but slightly bigger tables can benefit from a complete reformating. Large tables can be converted to scrollable tables holding key columns steady giving the user some perspective of data sets.


Fixed income trading platform



Fixed Income Search and Trade path

Make no mistake, trading Bonds is no easy task. Just the same, we built a platform that helps the user research Bonds, CDs and Treasuries then place an order, track their orders and check on their positions.

The platform is used by the client and internal associate, so we managed the tasks of both user types. We also considered the casual power user. The power user has mad skills for looking at data. On page load, the search feature provides reasonable search parameters that the average user would use most frequently. The power user can turn on more features providing himself with a more robust search capability.

We relied on usability studies to help us fine tune the Buy/Sell process. Any good designer can tell you that your own perspective get skewed when designing user flows. So, testing the flows with real use case scenerios will tell the designer if you are going in the right direction.